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Quality of Care

PragmaClin will help improve the quality of care for people living with neurological disorders. 

Empower Patients

Products by PragmaClin will empower people living with neurological disorders by giving patients and clinicians frequent access to key information. 

Provide the "Gold-Standard" 

PragmaClin will meet the "gold-standard" for clinical assessments.

Access to Care

PragmaClin will provide rural and mobility-restricted people with Parkinson's better access to care. 

PragmaClin is developing digital approaches to managing Parkinson's Disease. 

PragmaClin aims to help patients with Parkinson's Disease monitor their condition with the use of our flagship software, PRIMS. We want a world where patients can get help faster, with more accurate results 

Our Mission

Improve the quality of life for people living with neurological disorders

Our Vision

To be a global leader in supporting neurological disorders through digital technology. 

Our Growth

Oct 2022

Incorporated in the UK

Sept 2022

Team Grows to 10 members

May 2022

Team Grows to 5 members

March 2022

First Pitch Competition Win

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Project Funding by provincial and federal agencies

March 2020

PragmaClin becomes incorporated.

Our Sponsors & Partners

- Professor K Ray Chaudhuri MD, DSc, FRCP, 
Professor of Movement Disorders and Neurology. 


"PRIMS will help proactively monitor the performance of patients and guide clinician assessments. Viewing tabulated data helps to optimise treatment strategies."

- Dr. Vinod Metta
Consultant Interventional Neurologist & Movement Disorders Specialist

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"PRIMS will save time and provide precise ongoing treatment. PragmaClin's software will guide doctors and aid patients, providing end-end care!"

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