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PRIMS Patient Dashboard

What is our PRIMS system?

PRIMS is a patient assessment tool for supporting neurologists in the clinic. PRIMS is an integrated system that monitors, analyzes and rates the Parkinson's disease severity according to international standards. 

Data Collection

PRIMS collects data in real-time through cameras and surveys, and wearable sensors are not required. The data collected will then be readily available to patients, neurologists, and other support personnel. 

Accurate Patient Ratings

On completion of survey and motor assessments, PRIMS will score disease severity according to a Parkinson's rating scale in the same way that a clinician would rate disease severity in the clinic.

Information Available to Clinicians

The data collected from the PRIMS software will help Clinicians assess and monitor a patient's condition on a regular basis conveniently and simply enabling them to adjust treatment decisions as needed. 

Meets the "gold-standard" for assessing Parkinson's Disease 

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Saving time and costs for clinical assessments and red-flagging symptoms that need to be addressed

Assessment History

Improves the quality of care for people with neurological disorders

Empowers people with neurological disorders by giving patients access to more information

More information for clinicians to base decisions on

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Provides access to care for rural & mobility-restricted people with Parkinson's Disease

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